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I read Ariel Gore’s book, How to Become a Famous Writer Before You’re Dead, cover to cover between clients and late into the night…started yesterday. Yikes. My hair’s on fire and my brain is smouldering! I am excited and terrified–my mind is spinning…my thoughts?

God, I must be old! I don’t know and haven’t read most of the authors and books mentioned! I’ve never seen a Zine. I struggle to only use a single space between sentences…I feel the presence of MISS Towers, my ancient, old maid typing teacher, rapping my knuckles with a wooden ruler–to this day, I literally hear in my head, “period…space, space.” I’m incapable of text-messaging on my cell phone. I can’t imagine dressing up in a pink tutu and gorilla mask and handing out fliers for a reading…or traveling with The Perpetual Motion Roadshow promising NO BORING READINGS OR YOUR MONEY BACK!!

I’m driven. I go to Microcosm Publishing and order some Zines…I momentarily fantasize about purple hair, piercings and tattoos. I realize that there’s a whole world that I know nothing about…and I’m fascinated.

There are other whole worlds that I know nothing about–like Java Script, Linux and most of what constitutes basic computer know-how. I know nothing about how my fax machine works or how to do plumbing…I really have no intention or desire to delve into any of these worlds, but writing, self-publishing, readings, zines, and promotion. Hmmm…Ariel, I’m inspired! After all, I’ve made one tiny step…145 days straight blogging; taking photos…being seen and knowing that people I know and don’t know are reading my thoughts or the thoughts of others that express my felt sense of the moment. So, Ariel, here’s my thank you note:


Thanks for scaring me and waking me up. You were born the year I graduated from NYU. I’ll never tell you I’m too old. I’ll dip my toes into your world and see where the ride takes me…

Do keep being the hip Mama you are. In my opinion it’s the best job on earth.

Bowing and smiling,


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