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The snow starts at 4 am. At 7:15 I’m on my way to the Salisbury Mills train station to spend the day in Manhattan. The roads are slick; the station parking lot is being plowed and the snow continues.

When the train pulls in at 5:40 pm, the cars in the parking lot are piled high with with snow. All except one. Mine! Thanks to my wonderful husband, my car has been moved to a completely plowed spot and is ready to go. When I pull in the driveway, he has the snowblower going. I love this man!


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Valentine’s Day came early this year. On Wednesday, there was a beautiful bouquet of roses on the table and a card that touched my heart. For a moment, I was taken aback–oh lord, what day is this?! Now, I’m not great at keeping track of the date…still, I was pretty sure that it wasn’t February 14th. My husband had that wonderful impish grin on his face that I adore…he delights in catching me off guard, messing with my generally neat and orderly world where too much is in it’s place. It’s been almost twenty years since we met…we’ve been through deaths, births, great happiness, immense sadness, tornadoes of creative expression, growing pains, growing delight…and I know there’s more to come.

I Love You.

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I’m taking my own advice from yesterday and going public with appreciation for my husband. Sometimes I see our relationship as a fine wine…an outgrowth of careful cultivation, subject to sunshine and rain–an outstanding flavor that improves with age…like this:

Woodsy, rustic and wild…delicious now, but age two or three years if you can.

Deep, dark and a little ponderous, with rich, concentrated fruit. A beguiling combination of concentration, fruit and complexity.

Lively aromas of tropical fruits, mandarin orange, grapefruit and pear with a hint of bread dough and talc. Bright and vibrant on the palate.

Dark chocolate, explosive blackberry and a sweet round finish highlight the complex core…powerful, yet incredibly refined; walks the balance between old and new world in its style.

On the the palate, flavors of spicy cherry fruit and ripe warm plum fruit. Soft tannins round out the warm toasty finish…good acid balance and structure.

He enriches my world, makes my day, awakens my heart, mind and soul, keeps me honest and loves my father and my children…what more could I ask for?

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