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The change is here. Nights are chilly. Days are crisp. Light is golden. Dark is earlier. Markedly.

I love this.

It’s my favorite time of year.


A soft wind at dawn
Lifts one dry leaf and lays it
Upon another.



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Today marks 180 consecutive days of blogging. I’m a little surprised by how it has become a way of life for me. I imagine that there are plenty of other things that I could be doing with my time–I sometimes wonder what I used to do with the time that I now spend engaged in this endeavor.

I check my “blog stats” at least once a day. I want to know who has visited and what search terms bring people my way. As you might expect, lots of folks are searching for specific poems. Mary Oliver gets a lot of hits…and for those of you who read often, you know that she is one of my favs. Other search terms that bring a smile to my face:

“fattest groundhog ever killed…”
“Benjamin Moore camouflage paint”
“bamboo” (almost daily)
“how to make a hospital corner fold”

“poems wedding cowbells”
“code blue dialogue”
“i don’t think”

I’ve noticed that blogging has altered my relationship with life–I carry my camera; I pay closer attention; I look for what reflects my state of mind. It’s like a prayer at the end of the day–a way of bearing witness to being witnessed bearing witness. Knowing that you are reading changes everything for me and keeps me going. Thank you.


As the sun goes down,
a green melon splits open
And juice trickles out.


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